Three postures to help newborns avoid hiccups

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Three Postures to Help Newborns Avoid Hiccups


Hiccups are a common problem for newborns, and while they're usually harmless, they can be annoying for both the baby and the parents. There are a few different things you can do to help your baby get rid of hiccups, including changing their position. Here are three postures that may help:

1. Over-the-shoulder burping

This is a classic burping position that can help to release trapped air from the baby's stomach. To do this, place the baby over your shoulder with their chin resting on your shoulder and their tummy against your chest. Gently pat or rub their back until they burp.

2. Sitting upright

Sitting your baby upright can help to put pressure on their diaphragm, which can help to stop the hiccups. To do this, sit your baby in your lap with their back against your chest. You can support their head and neck with one hand while gently patting or rubbing their back with the other.

3. Laying on their tummy

Laying your baby on their tummy can help to put pressure on their stomach, which can also help to stop the hiccups. To do this, place your baby on their tummy on a firm surface, such as the floor or a changing table. You can place a rolled-up towel or blanket under their chest to help them prop themselves up.

If your baby's hiccups don't go away after trying these positions, you can try giving them a warm bath or massaging their tummy. You can also try giving them a pacifier to suck on. If the hiccups persist for more than a few hours, or if they're accompanied by other symptoms, such as vomiting or diarrhea, you should take your baby to the doctor.

Other Tips to Prevent Hiccups

In addition to changing your baby's position, there are a few other things you can do to help prevent hiccups, including:

Burping your baby frequently. This will help to release any trapped air from their stomach.

Feeding your baby slowly. This will help to prevent them from swallowing too much air.

Avoiding giving your baby carbonated drinks. These drinks can cause gas and bloating, which can lead to hiccups.

Keeping your baby upright after feeding. This will help to prevent them from spitting up, which can also lead to hiccups.

If you're concerned about your baby's hiccups, talk to your doctor. They can help you rule out any underlying medical conditions and recommend the best course of treatment.

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