Teach you 5 points to deal with your baby’s hiccups

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Teach You 5 Points to Deal with Your Baby鈥檚 Hiccups


Hiccups are a common problem for babies, but they can be very distressing for both the baby and the parents. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to help relieve your baby's hiccups.

1. Burp your baby

The most common cause of hiccups in babies is swallowing air. Burping your baby after each feeding can help to prevent hiccups from occurring. To burp your baby, hold him or her upright against your shoulder and gently pat or rub their back. You can also try over-the-shoulder burping, which involves placing the baby over your shoulder so that his stomach is against your back and gently rubbing it.

2. Feed your baby in an upright position

If you are breastfeeding your baby, try feeding him or her in an upright position. This can help to prevent air from being swallowed during feeding. If you are bottle-feeding your baby, make sure to use a bottle with a slow-flow nipple. This will help to reduce the amount of air that your baby swallows.

3. Give your baby a pacifier

Sucking on a pacifier can help to soothe your baby and stop hiccups. If you are not comfortable giving your baby a pacifier, you can try giving him or her a clean finger to suck on.

4. Distract your baby

If other methods do not work, you can try distracting your baby. This could involve playing with him or her, singing to him or her, or taking him or her for a walk.

5. Massage your baby's stomach

Gently massaging your baby's stomach in a clockwise motion can help to relieve hiccups. You can also try applying a warm compress to your baby's stomach.

When to Call the Doctor

In most cases, hiccups are not a cause for concern. However, if your baby's hiccups are frequent, severe, or accompanied by other symptoms, such as vomiting, diarrhea, or fever, you should call your doctor.

Other Tips

Do not give your baby carbonated beverages, as this can worsen hiccups.

Do not give your baby medication for hiccups, unless directed by your doctor.

Hiccups are usually harmless, but they can be distressing for both the baby and the parents. Try the tips above to help relieve your baby's hiccups. If the hiccups are frequent, severe, or accompanied by other symptoms, call your doctor.

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