How to take care of yourself after artificial abortion

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How to Take Care of Yourself After an Abortion


Abortion is a safe and legal medical procedure, but it can still be an emotionally and physically challenging experience. It's important to take care of yourself both physically and emotionally after an abortion.

Physical Care

Rest. It's important to rest for at least 24 hours after an abortion. You may experience some cramping and bleeding, so it's best to take it easy and avoid strenuous activity.

Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of fluids to help your body recover. Water is best, but you can also drink juice or soup.

Eat healthy foods. Eating healthy foods will help your body heal and recover. Choose foods that are high in protein and fiber, and avoid processed foods and sugary drinks.

Take pain medication. You may experience some cramping and bleeding after an abortion. Over-the-counter pain medication can help to relieve these symptoms.

Use a heating pad. A heating pad can help to relieve cramping and pain.

Avoid sex. It's best to avoid sex for at least 2 weeks after an abortion to give your body time to heal.

See your doctor. If you have any concerns about your physical health, see your doctor.

Emotional Care

Allow yourself to grieve. It's normal to feel a range of emotions after an abortion, including grief, loss, relief, and guilt. Allow yourself to feel these emotions and don't bottle them up.

Talk to someone. Talking to a trusted friend, family member, or therapist can help you to process your emotions and cope with the experience.

Join a support group. There are many support groups available for people who have had abortions. These groups can provide a safe and supportive environment where you can share your experiences and connect with others who have gone through the same thing.

Take care of your mental health. It's important to take care of your mental health after an abortion. If you're struggling with depression, anxiety, or other mental health issues, see your doctor or therapist.

Be patient with yourself. It takes time to heal both physically and emotionally after an abortion. Be patient with yourself and give yourself time to recover.

What to Expect After an Abortion

After an abortion, you can expect to experience some cramping and bleeding. The bleeding may be heavier than your normal period, and it may last for a week or two. You may also experience some nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea. These symptoms are usually mild and will go away within a few days.

If you have any of the following symptoms, see your doctor immediately:

Severe pain

Heavy bleeding that doesn't stop



Nausea and vomiting that doesn't go away

Diarrhea that doesn't go away

How to Get Help

If you need help after an abortion, there are many resources available to you. You can call the National Abortion Federation at 1-800-772-9100 or visit their website at You can also find support groups and other resources on the website of the American Psychological Association:

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